Using of therapeutic exercises in a swimming pool in rehabilitation of patients with chronic lymphoveinous insufficiency of lower extremities

1 Aphanova T.V., 1 Kulchitskaya D.B., 1 Eremushkin M.A., 1 Styazkina E.M.

1 National Medical Research Center of Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia


The search for effective methods of conservative treatment of chronic lymphovenous insufficiency of the lower extremitiesremains an urgent task of angiology and medical rehabilitation. This study is devoted to the development of a newmethod of kinesiotherapy (special therapeutic therapeutic exercises in the swimming pool) in combination with pneumaticcompression in patients with chronic lymphovenous insufficiency. The proposed complex enhances the work of themusculo-articular pumps of the foot and lower leg, which causes additional stimulation of lymphatic drainage, resulting ina pronounced decongestant effect. The proposed method of treatment also improves the quality of life of patients withlymphovenous insufficiency of the lower extremities on all scales, improving the overall indicator of quality of life by 19.1%.

Keywords: chronic lymphatic insufficiency, lower limbs, therapeutic exercises, swimming pool, quality of life.


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