Organization of multidisciplinary rehabilitation of cancer patients

1 Roitberg G.E., 1 Tulkina E.E., 1 Doros Z.V., 1 Filatov R.E., 1 Anikeeva O.Y.

1 Meditsina JSC, Moscow, Russia


Rehabilitation of patients with oncological pathology, minimizing the severity of side eff ects and complications of surgical,chemotherapeutic treatment and radiation therapy for patients is an important modern task of medical, social andfi nancial and economic importance. In the clinic of JSC “Medicine”, an original system of management and control over theimplementation of individual multidisciplinary rehabilitation and preventive measures at all stages of medical care was developedand put into practice.

Keywords: rehabilitation, oncology, the quality of life, medical care organization, multidisciplinary approach.

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