Bioacoustic correction in cognitive rehabilitation of patients with focal brain lesions

1,3 Tereshin A.E., 1 Kiryanova V.V., 2 Konstantinov K.V., 3 Reshetnik D.A., 3 Efi mova M.Y., 3 Karjagina M.V., 3 Savelyeva E.K.

1 North-Western State Medical University named after I.I. Mechnikov, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2 Bioacoustic correction Clinic, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
3 Nikolaevskaya Hospital, Saint-Petersburg, Russia


The objective of the investigation was to study the eff ectiveness of bioacoustic correction (BAC) in cognitive rehabilitationof patients with focal brain lesions. The dynamic examination of 147 patients with cognitive impairment at the secondstage of rehabilitation was carried out. The patients were subdivided into 2 groups: 106 patients of the control group weretreated with the standard nootropic medications and neuropsychological procedures; 44 patients of the basic group wereadditionally treated with BAC. The dynamics of the score increase by Rivermid, Karnovsky, Roshina, MMSE, mRS, HDRS, SF-36 scales were analyzed. Conclusion: 1. BAC has signifi cant advantages in restoring cognitive functions such as executivefunctions, perception, reading and counting in patients with focal brain lesions in comparison with the control group. In addition,the examined patients of the BAC group have a tendency to better recovery of attention and memory. 2. BAC has noadditional positive impact on the quality of life, daily activity and general functional state of patients with focal lesions of thebrain compared to the control group. 3. The advantage of BAC is its possibility of safe application in cognitive rehabilitationof patients with neurooncological diseases of the brain, when the possibilities of physiotherapy are largely limited.

Keywords: neurological rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, neuro-oncological rehabilitation, cognitive impairment, stroke, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, brain tumors, post-stroke cognitive impairment, neurobiofeedback, EEG biofeedback, bioacoustic correction, quality of life.


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