Issue №6-94, 2019

Echographic opportunities of lumbar spine paravertebral muscles state estimation in children with initial manifestations of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

1,2 Rybka D.O., 1 Sharova L.E., 1,2 Dudin M.G.

1 North-Western State Medical University I.I. Mechnikova, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
2 Rehabilitation Center for Children’s Orthopedics and Traumatology «Ogonek», Saint-Petersburg, Russia


In the formation of adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), paravertebral muscles (PVM) plays leading pathogenetic role.From these positions, the diagnosis of structure and functional state of PVM is of great importance. The method of ultrasonicdiagnostics (USD), is non-invasive, available, low-cost and informative. 29 children (14 girls and 15 boys) aged from 9 to 11years with the initial degree of AIS were examined on the clinical basis of the Rehabilitation Center of Pediatric Orthopedicsand Traumatology «Ogonyok» (SPb). The diagnosis was confirmed by x-ray (spinal column deformation from 1 to 10* byCobb). PVM in all children were assessed in lying position on the concave and convex sides of the scoliotic arc.For ultrasound examination (USE), a linear sensor with a frequency of 5–10 MHz of the Aloka SSD-1100 scanner wasused. The sensor was installed in a horizontal plane perpendicular to the vertebra L4 on the basis of the arc of deformationat a distance of 1–2 cm from its spinous process. The ultrasound (US) range covered a group of deep PVM, namely:mm.transversospinales (mm.semispinales, mm.intertransversales, mm.rotatores, mm.multifidii). The cross-sectional area ofthese muscles (cm2) and muscles density (%) were estimated.

KEYWORDS: scoliosis, diagnosis, paravertebral muscles, echography, muscle density, muscle cross-sectional area.


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