Issue №6-94, 2019

Prevention of psychomotor and speech development disorders in children with perinatal CNS lesion

1 Chubarova A.I., 2 Khan M.A., 2 Tulenkova T.E., 2 Mikitchenko N.A., 2 Rumyantseva M.V.

1 N.F. Filatov Children’s City Hospital, Moscow, Russia
2 Moscow scientific and practical center of medical rehabilitation, restorative and sports medicine, Moscow, Russia


Early prevention of psychomotor and speech development disorders in children with perinatal central nervous systemis an acute problem of modern pediatrics and pediatric neurology. The high frequency of perinatal pathology and the highfrequency of neurological disability, demands further development of new effective prevention programs and early medicalrehabilitation for children with an aggravated perinatal history.Results of this research proves efficiency of informational and educational technology aimed for the formation of ahealthy lifestyle, risk factors identification and neurological disorders prevention in children of first year of life.In the group of children receiving a complex of therapeutic and corrective measures during the first year of life in accordancewith the proposed information and educational program, there was an increase in the number of children withhigh level of psychomotor development by the age of 3 months, improvement of psychomotor development by the age of6 months and 12 months the proportion of such children was 51.7%. Thus, high efficiency of program for prevention of psychomotordevelopment disorders for children with perinatal CNS lesion was estimated. The program might be administeredduring pre – and postnatal periods.

KEYWORDS: children, CNS perinatal pathology, medical rehabilitation, abilitation, multidisciplinary team.


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