The main methods of physical exercises in patients with vertebral dorsopathies (lecture)

1 Petrov K. B., 1 Ivonina N. A., 1 Mitichkina T. V.

1 State Institute for Further Training of Physicians – Branch Campus of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, Novokuznetsk, Russia


The definition of vertebral dorsopathies is given, based on the ideas of Russian vertebral neurologists. The main formsand methods of motor rehabilitation of patients with vertebral dorsopathies are considered: reflex-prohibiting postures andpositions; targeted relaxation of muscles and ligaments; use of remote and nearby synergies; decompression kinesitherapy;consistent training of strength and endurance of the muscles. Examples are given.

Keywords: dorsopathy, muscles, rehabilitation, methods, physiotherapy, rehabilitation.


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