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Life Quality Changes in Women with Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures and Possibility of its Improvement Using New Complex of Physical Therapy Including Mechanotherapeutic Technologies

1 ORCIDMarchenkova L.A., 1 ORCIDMakarova E.V.

1 National Medical Research Center of Rehabilitation and Balneology, Moscow, Moscow, Russian Federation


Aim. To assess quality of life (QOL) in people with osteoporotic (OP) vertebral fractures (VFs) and evaluate effect of a new complex of physical rehabilitation including mechanotherapeutic technologies on QOL of those patients.

Material and methods. At the 1st stage the study group was comprised of 60 women 40–80 years old with OP VFs. The comparison group (n=60) was formed from patients with OP without any fracture enrolled by the twin-pair method. 2nd stage was carried out in the form of the prospective controlled open study. 120 patients with OP VFs were randomized to the intervention group (group 1, n=60) which received a new complex of physical therapy including mechanotherapeutic technologies, and control (group 2, n=60) which received only complex of physical exercises.

Results. In patients with VFs, there was revealed a significant decrease in main QOL domains such as severity of pain, daily living activity, mobility, mental state, general health and general QUALEFFO-41 scale (p<0.05 vs comparison group). Administration of the new physical rehabilitation complex resulted in pain reduction and improvement of such QOL aspects as houshold tasks, mobility and mental state (p<0.05 at 21st day vs baseline). Therapy effect on pain syndrome, daily living activity, mobility and overall QOL remains for at least 4 weeks after the rehabilitation course (p<0.05 at 70th day vs baseline).

Conclusion. New physical therapy complex including mechanotherapeutic technologies can be recommended for rehabilitation of patients with osteoporotic VFs to increase QOL and to reduce back pain.

Keywords: osteoporosis, quality of life, vertebral fracture, rehabilitation, physical therapy

For citation: Marchenkova L.A., Makarova E.V. Quality of Life Changes in Women with Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures and Possibility of its Improvement Using New Complex of Physical therapy Including Mechanotheraputic technologies. Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine. 2020; 5 (99): 70-8. https://doi.org/10.38025/2078-1962-2020-99-5-70-78


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