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Regional Organization of the Rehabilitation Service in Coronavirus Epidemic

1 ORCIDIuly Treger, 2 Lena Lutsky Treger

1 Medical University Center Soroka, Beer Sheva, Israel
2 South Department Clalit Medical Services, Beer Sheva, Israel


The COVID-19 pandemics has dramatically changed the organization of public rehabilitation services around the world. Rehabilitationmanagers and doctors have faced different challenges at all stages of patient management from acute departments to home, especiallyin the periphery of the country.Aim. To analyze and present the regional experience of rehabilitation system reorganization during pandemics.Materials and methods. The Southern region of Israel is a big part of the country with about one million of population. The PhysicalMedicine and Rehabilitation department at the Soroka University Hospital is a part of the regional rehabilitation network, and wasforced to find optimal solutions to all kinds of organizational challenges from the first days of the crisis. Most of those solutions, which,in our opinion, showed their effectiveness in managing our patients in this confused situation are presented and discussed in thearticle.Results. COVID-19 pandemics crisis had mostly a negative input on the whole system organization. The normal regular flow of multistagerehabilitation process was interrupted, serious part of professional staff was out of system due to quarantine and pandemicrestrictions. The whole system was forced to change the management algorithms very quickly, sometimes as an immediate responseto everyday changes.However, some changes that have occurred in response to the changed conditions may have a positive impact on the work of therehabilitation system in the future and will also be discussed in the article.Conclusion. Our regional professional situation, of sure, is a combination of local rehabilitation organization and characteristics ofIsraeli health system, and from that point of view it is quite unique. But the problems of periphery are almost the same in every countryso our local experience can help professionals in other regions.

Keywords: medical rehabilitation, regional organization of rehabilitation service, coronavirus infection

For citation: Treger I., Treger L.L. Regional Organization of the Rehabilitation Service in Coronavirus Epidemic. Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine. 2021; 20(1): 13-20. https://doi.org/10.38025/2078-1962-2021-20-1-13-20


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