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Binaural Acoustic Beats in the Psychological Rehabilitation of Patients with Impaired Motor Functions

1 ORCIDAnastasia V. Kotelnikova, 1 ORCIDAnastasia A. Kukshina, 1 ORCIDElena A. Turova, 1 Anastasia S. Tihonova

1 Moscow Scientific and Practical Center for Medical Rehabilitation, Restorative and Sports Medicine, Moscow, Russian Federation


The course of diseases associated with movement disorders violates the possibility of independent existence of the individual and isaccompanied by the formation of symptoms of increased anxiety, depression and catastrophizing. Over the last years, in addition topsychopharmacological drugs, non-drug methods have been actively included in the complex of treatment and rehabilitation for thispatients’ group allowing them to influence the patient’s psyche by neuro-biological activation of sanogenesis links.Aim. To study the possibility of using resonance-acoustic vibration (PRAV) programs in the “relaxation” mode when organizing psychologicalsupport for patients with movement disorders in the course of medical rehabilitation.Materials and methods. The study included 93 patients with movement disorders of two nosological groups: movement disordersagainst the stroke (n=57) and motor disorders against the degenerative-dystrophic diseases of large joints and spine of large jointsand spine (n=36), undergoing a standard inpatient course of medical rehabilitation.Results. The dynamics of the emotional state, the intensity of the pain syndrome, characteristics of the cognitive sphere (memory,attention) as a result of psychological correction using PRAV were analyzed. The positive effect of the inclusion of the binaural beatscomplex in the psychological correction of the patients with impaired motor functions state of health as well as an indifferent responseto the attempt to correct memory and attention were determined.Conclusion. It testifies that the application of the method is appropriate in correcting the emotional state, general well-being, overcomingfear of movement and is not effective for pain and recovery of cognitive functions.

Keywords: binaural beats, psychocorrection, movement disorders, medical rehabilitation, emotional state, somatization, kinesiophobia, cognitive function

For citation: Kotelnikova A.V., Kukshina A.A., Turova E.A., Tihonova A.S. Binaural Acoustic Beats in the Psychological Rehabilitation of Patients with Impaired Motor Functions. Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine. 2020; 20(1): 60-69. https://doi.org/10.38025/2078-1962-2021-20-1-60-69


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