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Medical Staff at Sanatorium-Resort Organizations: Working Conditions and Health Risk Factors

1 ORCIDNikolay A. Meshkov, 1 ORCIDAnatoliy D. Fesyun, 1 ORCIDMaxim Yu. Yakovlev, 1 ORCIDAndrey P. Rachin, 1 ORCIDElena A. Valtseva

1 National Medical Research Center of Rehabilitation and Balneology, Moscow, Russian Federation


Medical staff working conditions are characterized by a range of adverse workplace factors investigated primarily at hospitalorganizations. However, sanitary audit of working conditions and health risk factors for medical workers in the sanatorium- resortindustry is also a task that needs attention.Aim. To analyze the results of the working conditions special assessment and identify the main work-related factors aff ecting healthstate of medical staff at sanatorium- resort organizations.Material and methods. Scientifi c search and analysis of publications on the safety of working conditions and health protection ofmedical workers. Systematization of research materials, statistical and comparative analysis of the results of working conditions specialassessment carried out at branches of the Medical Research Center and data provided in publications.Results. Medical staff are exposed to a wide range of hazards. Work-related factors that do not meet established hygiene standardscause the greatest concern among medical workers. These are microclimate, lighting and working equipment (47.0%, 37.8% and24.0%, respectively). A number of devices inspected in the physiotherapy room exceeded hygienic standards for alternating electricand magnetic fi eld intensity. Analysis of air pollution in the physiotherapy department working area showed that some of the harmfulchemicals exceeded permissible exposure limits. The results of the special assessment of working conditions performed at branchesof the Medical Research Center showed that a high percentage of medical workers was exposed to harmful biological factors and highseverity of the labor process.Conclusion. Physical and chemical factors are the greatest workplace hazards for healthcare workers at health resorts. However, a specialassessment of working conditions showed that the biological factor was the most signifi cant one across all professional groups.

KEYWORDS: sanatorium-resort organizations, medical staff , risk factors, working conditions

For citation: Meshkov N. A., Fesyun A. D., Yakovlev M. Yu., Rachin A. P., Valtseva E. A. Medical Staff at Sanatorium- Resort Organizations: Working Conditions and Health Risk Factors. Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine. 2022; 21 (1):126-136. https://doi.org/10.38025/2078-1962-2022-21-1-126-136


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