Issue 5-21, 2022

Myofascial Facial Massage in Correction of Stress, Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms: a Сase Report

1 ORCIDAnastasia D. Dubinskaya, 1 ORCIDOlga V. Yurova, 1 ORCIDAnatoliy D. Fesyun

1 National Medical Research Center of Rehabilitation and Balneology, Moscow, Russian Federation


INTRODUCTION. At present, neuropsychiatric disorders are widespread among the population. Their occurrence is associated with the effect of chronic emotional stress. However, most people are not ready to seek help from a psychologist or psychotherapist. The original technique of decreasing the bioelectrical activity of facial muscles, developed and described in this study, can be an affordable and safe way to correct psycho-emotional states and, consequently, improve the aesthetic appearance.

AIM. To develop a modern method of correction of psychoemotional derivations, based on the use of neuromuscular relaxation techniques and the development of a facial feedback mechanism.

MATERIAL AND METHODS. The research methods included psychological, neurophysiological, and clinical-functional components that allowed assessing the psychoemotional status and electrophysiological parameters of the facial muscles.

RESULTS AND DISCUSSION. The results have shown a high efficiency of neuromuscular relaxation methods in the correction of psychoemotional disorders, which was manifested in reducing the level of depressiveness, situational and personal anxiety and increasing the bioelectric activity of the facial muscles, as well as the state of parafunction It have become possible to establish a clear correlation between the presence of severe depression and anxiety and increased electrical activity of the facial muscles, and the data obtained suggested that the use of neuromuscular relaxation techniques is an effective psychocorrective.

СONCLUSION. The method of neuromuscular relaxation is a new effective tool for diagnosing psychoemotional derivations and increasing the tonus of facial muscles by creating facial feedback.

KEYWORDS: stress, facial muscle, facial feedback, hypertonicity, myofascial face massage

FOR CITATION: Dubinskaya A.D., Yurova O.V., Fesyun A.D. Myofascial Facial Massage in Correction of Stress, Anxiety and Depressive Symptoms: a Сase Report. Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine. 2022; 21 (5): 129-139.


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