Issue №6-94, 2019

Specificity of wheelchair usage in patients with spinal cord injury

1 Bushkov F.A., 1 Romanovskaya E.V., 1 Fedotkina L.E., 2 Ivanova G.E.

1 Rehabilitation Center ”Overcoming“, Moscow, Russia
2 Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia


More than half of the patients with spinal cord injury (SCI) requires a wheelchair, that is a key element for solving alarge number of their domestic and social problems. It is known that pelvis position, neurological deficit, the height ofwheelchair back and the type of cushion are the main factors affecting dynamic balance of the trunk in SCI patients. Thisfactors determine the effectiveness of usage, together with motor capabilities of upper extremities, especially in patientswith tetraplegia, when the loss of body balance is the main cause of falls from a wheelchair. Other complications are handscuffs, carpal tunnel syndrome, pressure sores on the buttocks, fees and back, pain in the shoulder joints and neck. Measuresagainst pressure sores include the use of special systems (cushion) to reduce pressure and complexes of physical exercises.For maximal congruence of the wheelchair for the patients needs, individual requisition is necessary, using a standardizedanthropometry measure system in a sitting position.

KEYWORDS: wheelchair, spinal cord injury.


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