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The Journal «Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine» Has Been Accepted for International Database «DOAJ» 12.12.2021

The Journal «Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine» Has Been Accepted for International Database «DOAJ»

The editorial team of the journal "Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine" is pleased to inform you that in 2021 our scientific publication was included in the DOAJ online catalog, which indexes and provides access to high-quality peer-reviewed journals with open access. Today, this independent database contains more than 15,000 peer-reviewed open access journals covering all areas of technology, medicine, social sciences, the humanities and the arts. The DOAJ mission is to increase the recognition, accessibility, reputation, and use of high-quality, peer-reviewed open access scientific journals all over the world, regardless of the discipline, geography or language. In open access journals, any user has free unlimited access to scientific works that allow him to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search or link to the full text of articles, search, enter them as data into software or use them for other legitimate purposes. Currently, our editorial team's goal is to be included in the DOAJ Best Open Access Journals list, which honors journals that demonstrate excellence in open access publishing. Only 10% of the journals indexed in DOAJ were marked with a seal that followed best practices in the field of long-term storage, the use of permanent identifiers, discoverability, reuse policies and author rights.

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