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Privacy Declaration

Protection of personal data of participants in the publication process is one of the priority tasks when publishing materials in the journal "Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine". The editorial board takes all necessary measures to protect the personal data of the authors of the article, reviewers of the journal and members of the editorial board and Editorial Board.

Information about the author of the article, including the surname, first name, patronymic, name and address of the affiliated organization, e-mail address, is used exclusively for the purposes of scientific publication. The editorial board undertakes not to transfer information about the author to third parties for use for other purposes. By submitting an article for publication, the author agrees to use the specified information for publication purposes, including for familiarization of readers, correct citation by third parties. Other personal information, including the contact phone number, can only be used by the editorial office to contact the author during the preparation of the article for publication.

The editorial board undertakes not to inform third parties, with the exception of reviewers, about the content of materials submitted for publication. Information about the reviewer is not provided to the author of the article. The editorial board also warns reviewers about the need to maintain confidentiality during reviewing and not disclose information about the article and the results of reviewing to third parties. Reviews of articles prepared by the reviewer can be published only in agreement with the editorial board and the reviewer and with the consent of the author of the article.