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Peer-Review of author's original articles (materials) submitted for publication to the Editorial Staff of the scientific journal "Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine"

1. The Editorial Staff of the journal «Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine» takes into consideration articles and materials reflecting scientific views, results and achievements in the following main sections: biological, medical and psychological sciences.

2. Specialty code: 14.03.11 Rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, therapeutic physical training, balneology and physiotherapy.

3. Specialty formula: Rehabilitation medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, balneology and physiotherapy – a complex specialty, engaged in the studying the mechanisms of action and developing methods for the use of natural and artificial physical factors, physical exercise and other means of physical therapy, factors of traditional therapy, improving the effectiveness of prevention treatment and rehabilitation measures in healthy people, athletes, sick and disabled to restore the functional reserves of the human body or compensate for lost functions and improve the health and quality of life of the population. Rehabilitation medicine studies the regularities of the processes of formation and preservation, restoration and strengthening of human health by dynamic assessment and correction of adaptive abilities of the body, determines the methodological foundations of diseases prevention.

4. One copy of the article carefully selected in accordance with the «Instructions for Authors», as well as information about the author/authors are sent to the Editorial Staff, the same documents are sent by e-mail to:

5. The publication reviews all materials submitted to the Editorial Staff, corresponding to its subjects for the purpose of their peer review.

6. Manuscripts that submitted for publication in the journal checked for compliance with technical requirements and compliance with the journal's profile.

7. The article is accepted for consideration only if it meets the requirements for the preparation of materials subject to submission to the "Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine", published on the website

An unilateral anonymous Double ("blind") peer review method is mandatory for processing of all scientific manuscripts submitted to the Editorial Staff of “Bulletin of Rehabilitation Medicine”. 

Managing editor estimates the article due to content conformity to the profile and subject of the journal and sends it to at least one, but usually two or more, independent reviewers.

1. Members of the Editorial Board and Editorial Council as well as independent leading Russian and international experts in corresponding areas of medicine are invited as readers to perform peer reviews. Editor-in-Chief, deputy Editor-in-Chief or managing editor choose readers for peer review. The review period is 2-4 weeks, but it can be extended at the request of the reviewer.

2. A reviewer has an option to abnegate the assessment should any conflict of interests arise that may affect perception or interpretation of the manuscript. Upon the scrutiny, the reviewer is expected to present the Editorial board with one of the following recommendations:
    - to accept the paper in its present state;
    - to invited the author to revise their manuscript to address specific concerns before final decision is reached;
    - that final decision be reached following further reviewing by another specialist;
    - to reject the manuscript outright.

3. If the reviewer has recommended any refinements, the Editorial Staff would suggest the author either to implement the corrections, or to dispute them reasonably. Authors are kindly required to limit their revision to 2 months and resubmit the adapted manuscript within this period for final evaluation.

4. If the authors refuse to finalize the materials, they must notify the Editorial Staff in writing or orally of their refusal to publish the article. If the authors do not return the revised version after 3 months from the date of sending the review, even if there is no information from the authors with a refusal to finalize the article, the Editorial Board removes it from the register. In such situations, the authors are sent a corresponding notification about the withdrawal of the manuscript from registration due to the expiration of the period allotted for revision.

5. If the authors and reviewers meet insoluble contradictions regarding revision of the manuscript, the Editorial Board has the right to send the manuscript for additional review. In conflict situations, the decision is made by the Editor-in-Chief at a meeting of the Editorial Board.

6. The Editorial Board reaches final decision to reject a manuscript on the hearing according to reviewers’ recommendations, and duly notifies the authors of their decision via e-mail. The Editorial Board does not accept previously rejected manuscripts for re-evaluation.

7. Upon the decision to accept the manuscript for publishing, the Editorial Staff notifies the authors of the scheduled date of publication.

8. The Positive review does not guarantee the acceptance, as final decision in all cases lies with the Editorial Board. By his authority, Editor-in-Chief rules final solution of every conflict.

9. Original reviews of submitted manuscripts remain deposited for 5 years.


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